Trying out a new (to me) technique. All painted in five minutes. Fun stuff and lots of cool colour combos that occur with the technique. 

Something I did this morning…. 

Target Acquired!!!

Okay. here is the final. Time to pick the flowers….

Moran’s Castle: A work in progress. I need to add some foreground elements and tighten things up all over. But a good couple hours of work I think….

A doodle I have been working on and off for the last day or so. 

I dunno…. A thing I am working on…??? 

So then this happened…… GOOSE BAT!!!

Fun little space man…

I start my workdays now by warming up with a program called Alchemy. It’s a really great free program that get’s out of your way and has some neat tools to draw with. I used the Ribbon brush to build up these shapes then exported them to photoshop and jammed some tones in there. Spent about Twenty minutes on each drawing.  

Painting I did for my Grandma at Christmas!!! I dunno why I never posted it here.