Manipulated photo. It’s not quite reading as 100% integrated into the photo but for 45 minutes of work I would say it’s a good start. Fun to wind down the day. 

Variations on a theme. I drew out the first guy and using the liquify tool got these four other dudes in less than twenty minutes. Which one should I move forward with? Any thoughts?  


This started off as just a landscape with me trying to figure out what the hell to put in it. I tossed off some thumbnails and this happened to be the one that worked best. So much so that I didn’t even follow up with the others. It’s still not done yet and needs some fixing and effects. The thing ended up looking like one of my favorite artists John Berkey. Love his work! Chick it out:

Tried to upload this as a GIF yesterday but failed, so today it is a video!!!

Another day another robot…..

Trying out a new (to me) technique. All painted in five minutes. Fun stuff and lots of cool colour combos that occur with the technique. 

Something I did this morning…. 

Target Acquired!!!

Okay. here is the final. Time to pick the flowers….

Moran’s Castle: A work in progress. I need to add some foreground elements and tighten things up all over. But a good couple hours of work I think….

A doodle I have been working on and off for the last day or so.